Our mission at Art In Residence is to explore the potential of public art in Antelope Valley, CA by engaging with the community through active practice, outreach, and education. Supporting and bringing opportunities for artists in Antelope Valley, CA is at the heart of our mission. We offer an Artist in Residency program, public workshops and portfolio development courses.
Workshop: Open Forum
Our bi-monthly Open Forum provides an opportunity for local artists to have in-depth conversation with a special guest. The format will take on a 30min Dialogue between the special guest and a member of the A.I.R. Team then and additional 30min for open questions. 
Open A.I.R. – Mini Artist Residency
A.I.R.s Artist In Residence program showcases work that explores what it means to be “In residence.” Using the high desert as a backdrop, we invite artists to consider the social, political, historical, and phenomenological aspects of the surroundings. Our first A.I.R. + A.I.R. will launch 2021!