Installation photo of “Landscape Frame” by Dave Martin

Landscape Frame

On View: 3/1/21 – 10/10/21
Artists: Dave Martin
Art In Residence is pleased to present Landscape Frame an interactive installation by Dave Martin.
A frame of reference. A frame of mind. To frame a house, to frame an argument, or to frame a shot – the act of framing is a physical, a cognitive, and a pictorial function. Landscape Frame is an interactive kinetic sculpture that explores the nexus between these literal and figurative meanings of framing, taking as its subject the landscape.

Landscape Frame
is a 10’ x 7’ steel frame that rotates 360° around its central axis. Viewers are invited to turn the structure and thus create new views of the landscape within the frame, while simultaneously confronting the frame within the landscape. With its fixed central axis located on a mesa at the foot of the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, Landscape Frame points to various uses of landscape in the environs surrounding the installation.
A piece of equipment that frames as it un-frames, Landscape Frame establishes itself someplace between industrial paraphernalia and a playground apparatus. As such, the irony in Landscape Frame opens a ludic space in which viewers are invited to take up framings, re-framings, and partial framings; as well as to interrupt and intrude upon existing framings. In short, viewers are encouraged to explore the fluid relationships between the whole territory, the in-frame, and the out of frame – and by extension the various processes by which people, plants, animals, and geomorphology are framed and unframed
Point, Line, Plane 
Date: 10/10/21 at 6pm
By: Dave Martin & Gerran Reese
Join us October 10th at 6pm for Landscape Frame Closing Reception. This event will host a special performance titled Point, Line, Plane by Gerran Resse.