digital composite photo of PLATFORM by Nathaniel Ancheta


On View: 3/1/20 – 9/1/20

Location: 34°43’40.3″N 118°22’31.0″W

Artist: Nathaniel Ancheta

Formal Opening: TBD

Press Release:

“All I long for is a landscape of experience. A horizontal plane where I can run free.”

– Nathaniel Cas Ancheta

Art In Residence is pleased to present PLATFORM, an interactive installation by Nathaniel Cas Ancheta.

Located between the sky & the ground lies PLATFORM. Made from reflective material, PLATFORM serves as a functional site of reflection, dialogue & conversation between the manmade and the natural through varying forms of interaction. Inspired by the solar fields located in Antelope Acres, CA and their various effects and affects on the local community and natural landscape.

The shape of a square signifies the idea of enclosure, of home and of settlement – an interruption in the isolated desert milieu. On the other hand, the reflective quality merges, blends and exposes its environment thus creating a liminal space. Together these qualities create a space that functions as a stage to express, contemplate and question how we imagine, project, and perceive ourselves within these layers of tension that lie between the built world and the natural world. 

Events will be held throughout the duration of the exhibition. Full schedule can be found on HERE

About the Artist

Nathaniel Cas Ancheta

His art practice functions within the thresholds between interior and exterior, passive and active, and the natural and the artificial. Nathaniel creates work that catalyzes engagement with the individual, public, and its environment.

Nathaniel Cas Ancheta (b 1987) lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He earned his BFA from Dominican University of California in 2009 and his MFA in 2016 from Art Center College of Design.

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