Plein AR @ AIR

Session Location:

AIR: Space

34°43’38.1″N 118°22’12.4″W


Session Dates and Times:

April 2nd – 8am-12pm

June 4th – 8am-12pm

August 6th – 8am-12pm

October 1st – 8am-12pm



Dave Martin & Nathaniel Ancheta


One of the oldest traditions in art – drawing the landscape from within the landscape, encounters a brand new tradition – augmented reality.

 Plein air painting is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape. In this workshop we will be adding a new twist to the tradition of plein air painting an Augmented Reality twist! This workshop will host 4 sessions in conjunction with this years Augmented Reality annual exhibition. Each session will feature a different Augmented Reality experience that you will be able to capture in this plein air workshop for a unique plein air experience!

Come and draw/sketch the landscape (and whatever else) with us 🙂

A limited number of easels will be provided. Please BYO art materials.

Conducted by Dave Martin and Nathaniel Ancheta