By: Lori Scacco
Date: 10.31.2020
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Generator is a performance discussing physical and systemic power dynamics. Composed by Lori Scacco and performed by Justin Lepard and Derek Stein, the work explores interconnectivity through resonance, echoing energy that travels through land and body to generate and transmit power across thousands of miles. It acknowledges systems that build and sustain opaque power structures, with little regard for the connection between host and recipient. Performed in the open of the western Mojave, the desert landscape is an integral part of the work.
A minimalist composition for two cellos the 25 minute piece of a series of musical phrases whose structure and length will be dictated by players. Played in the open landscape of the western Mojave in the context of sculptural installation Networks of Power, the sounds of the landscape will be a part of the work’s auditory experience.
Generator was commissioned and created for Networks of Power, an installation by Debra Scacco created in response to and situated upon Nathaniel Ancheta’s PLATFORM. Generator is presented by Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) and Art In Residence with support from Allied Physical Medicine. 
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